A 12-Piece Cupcake Box With a Clear Window

A 12-Piece Cupcake Box With a Clear Window

A clear window makes this cupcake box a great choice for your bakery, restaurant or home-baked goods. It’s safe for the environment and easy to assemble.

This one-piece bakery box is made of sturdy clay-coated kraft paperboard. It features lock corners for simple assembly and folds flat to save space during storage or transport. The included eco-friendly insert holds 12 standard or 24 mini cupcakes and muffins securely inside.


A beautiful cupcake box is a perfect way to package and showcase your sweet treats. These boxes have a clear window to show off the details of your creations. They are made of food safe materials and come with inserts to keep your cupcakes secure. The boxes also feature a lock corner design for easy assembly and ship flat for convienent storage. These boxes are available in different sizes to fit all types of baked goods.

The box is constructed of eco-friendly recycled fibers and includes a partition window to display your tasty treat. The material keeps the heat out and the cold in, ensuring your treats stay fresh and delicious. The partition window also makes it easier to identify the contents of the box, reducing food wastage.

These bakery boxes are easy to assemble and can be used for bake sales, fundraisers, birthday parties, and other events. They can hold up to 12 standard or 24 mini 12-piece cupcake box cupcakes and muffins, and they come with inserts for safe transport. The boxes are also recyclable and can be reused many times.

The Natural Brown paperboard is not bleached with harsh chemicals and uses 25-30% fewer trees to produce compared to traditional bleached paperboard. It is certified biodegradable, and the crystal clear windows are made of recycled plastic. The box is also sourced from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) lumber – lumber collected and reforested using environmentally friendly practices.


In this age of societal awareness, consumers are inclined to choose products that have eco-friendly packaging. This is because they are less likely to be damaged during shipping. Custom cupcake boxes are an ideal solution to this problem. These boxes protect your cupcakes from contamination and keep them fresh for a longer period of time. They are also durable and sturdy. These boxes are made of food-safe materials and have a clear window to show off your delicious baked goods.

Cupcake boxes are a great choice for transporting your sweet treats from your bakery to the party venue or home. They can be easily assembled and have tight-fitting lids to prevent your cupcakes from falling over during transit. Whether you are catering a large event or sending cupcakes to individual customers, these recyclable boxes will help you make the perfect impression on your customers.

You can personalize your cupcake product box with unique patterns, logos, cutouts and other decorative elements to add value to your brand. This helps you to stand out in the competition and increase customer satisfaction. Confectionery companies often use personalized cupcake box products to communicate their values, ideas, associations, and commitment to their customers.

Pastry Tek’s square green paper cupcake container fits 12 standard sized or 24 mini cupcakes and muffins. It features a lively polka dot design and matching green handle to create stylish portable dessert presentations. These paper cupcake boxes are designed with a clear plastic window to allow customers to view their favorite sweet treat without removing it from the box.

Easy to Assemble

This bakery box is ideal for packaging cupcakes and muffins. It features a clear window that allows your baked goods to shine in natural light. It is made of food-safe cardstock that is suitable for direct contact with your cupcakes. It Computer box packaging customization is easy to assemble and comes with an insert for standard or mini size cupcakes.

The one-piece cupcake box has a sturdy construction and can hold 12 standard or 24 mini cupcakes and muffins. Its lock corner design and solid color exterior make it a durable choice for bakeries and other businesses. It also features a convenient lid closure with a tuck-in tab. The one-piece cupcake box is also available with a window, and both options are stocked in a variety of colors and styles.

Start by preparing the cardboard pieces for assembly. Crease the main panels first and then fold the side tabs into place. If you have a die cut aperture, tuck it in after the smaller wings have been folded inward. If you are using wet adhesives, you can apply the glue to all flaps before folding and locking them.

When you’re done assembling the box, add the cupcakes and close it. To prevent the cupcakes from moving around during transportation, use a non-skid shelving liner in the bottom of the box. You can also use a non-skid mat inside the box to secure the cupcakes, which will help keep them from slipping or falling out.

Clear Window

The clear window of this cupcake box allows guests to see the intricately decorated cupcakes inside. The white box can be used to package a variety of cupcakes, muffins, donuts, and other pastries. It is a great choice for merchandising in a bakery or pastry shop, and it also works well for to-go orders.

This cupcake box comes with a paper insert to keep your baked goods secure. Its attractive wave design fits twelve cupcakes or muffins. Its handle makes it easy to carry and is also food safe. It is made from PET plastic, which is a renewable resource.

Whether you’re making a dozen cupcakes for your friends or a full bakery order, the right packaging can make all the difference. Cupcakes are a labor of love, and they deserve to be protected with the same care. You shouldn’t settle for cheap boxes that will make your creations look like they were mass produced in a factory. Instead, find a cupcake box that will showcase your hard work and make you proud of what you’ve created.

This cupcake box features a clear window and is designed to hold 12 standard-sized cupcakes. The inserts are reversible, so you can choose which side to display your cupcakes. The corrugated material is recyclable, and the boxes ship flat for convenient storage and assembly.