Blockless-mini-plc-splitters-no-connectors are a cutting-edge solution for fiber network deployment. They eliminate the need for separate optical blocks, making them faster, simpler, and more reliable to install.

PLC (planar lightwave circuit) splitter uses silica optical waveguide technology to distribute optical signals from the central office to multiple subscribers. Its compact, stainless steel module is designed for easy installation in FTTH splicing boxes and distribution products.

Easy to install

Unlike traditional block-based PLC splitters, blockless-mini-plc-splitters-no-connectors are compact and simple. They don’t require special tools to install and are a great option for upgrading FTTH networks. blockless-mini-plc-splitters-no-connectors They also offer superior fiber protection compared to bare-fiber splitters. These splitters can be easily installed in a variety of connection and distribution products (outdoor fiber distribution boxes) or network cabinets.

These single-mode blockless PLC splitters are designed for high-speed transmission of data and video. They have low insertion loss, which means that they don’t significantly degrade the optical signal. Moreover, they feature excellent uniformity and low return loss. This makes them ideal for distributing optical signals to multiple devices, including end-users’ homes and businesses.

This type of PLC splitter is a passive device that is used to split optical signals between the central office and the premise locations. It uses planar lightwave circuit technology to provide a high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective solution for FTTH networks. The device is packaged in a stainless steel module, which is convenient to use and can be installed in outdoor plant enclosures.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing FTTH network or building a new one, the mini steel tube PLC splitter is a reliable and versatile choice. It can be terminated with a variety of connectors, including FC, SC, and LC. Each unit undergoes rigorous factory testing and comes with a warranty to ensure quality.


Blockless PLC splitters are more durable than their traditional counterparts, which means that they can be used in harsh environments. This is important because these devices are often installed in tight spaces like optical splice closures and distribution cabinets. Blockless PLC splitters also offer superior fiber protection, as they are encased in a stainless steel tube. This prevents abrasion, which can damage the fiber connections within the device.

A PLC (planar lightwave circuit) splitter is a passive network component that uses silica glass waveguide circuits to separate or combine optical signals. It is designed to meet the requirements of high-quality optical networks, including low insertion loss, polarization dependent loss, and return losses. These devices can be used for a variety of applications, including telecom, cable TV, and data communications.

Bare fiber PLC splitters are usually installed in FTTx projects. They leave bare fibers on their input and output ends, which makes them easy to install in formal joint boxes and splice closures. They can be spliced on site to match the required specifications, and they require less space than other types of fiber splitters.

In addition to reducing installation time, blockless-mini-plc-splitters-no-connectors are also reliable. They are made from top-quality materials and undergo rigorous factory testing. They also come with a warranty, which gives you peace of mind when purchasing them. In addition, they Borosilicate are available in a wide range of insertion ratios and termination options.


Blockless PLC splitters are highly versatile, offering multiple ports and a wide range of splitting ratios. They can be used in a variety of applications, including mobile backhaul networks and industrial networks. In addition, they are easy to install and require no special tools or equipment. They also have a low insertion loss, which means that they do not degrade the optical signal.

These passive network devices are used in FTTH networks to distribute optical signals from the central office to multiple premise locations. The optical power is transmitted over a fiber-optic link, where the PLC splitter distributes the signal to ONTs (Optical Network Termination Devices). This allows users to access broadband services such as high-speed Internet and voice over IP.

Unlike bare-fiber splitters, blockless PLC splitters have superior fiber protection due to their stainless steel tube packaging. They are used in various connection and distribution products, such as outdoor fiber distribution boxes and network cabinets, and ensure secure, reliable signal transmission.

This type of PLC splitter is an ideal solution for mobile backhaul and industrial network applications, as it has a small size and low insertion loss. It is designed to operate over a wide wavelength range (1260-1650 nm), making it compatible with most fiber optic communication systems. Its small size makes it easy to install in a variety of transfer boxes and takes up less space than traditional block-based splitters. Additionally, it can be terminated with a variety of connectors, including FC, SC, and LC, so that it is more flexible for your application needs. Each unit undergoes rigorous factory testing and comes with a test report and warranty.


The blockless fiber PLC splitter, also known as steel tube type plc splitter, is a passive optical device that allows the telecom carrier and ISP to distribute signals to multiple homes, buildings or offices. It is one of the most important devices in the optical fiber link. It consists of a single-mode PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) chip that divides the input optical signal into multiple outputs. It can be installed in a fiber optic splice closure or fiber terminal distribution box easily and quickly.

It is a micro-optical component that uses silica glass to create a series of aligned waveguide circuits. Then it is packaged in a small housing to provide high-quality performance. It is a more cost-effective solution than other types of splitters. It is particularly well suited for applications where larger split configurations (1×32, 1×64) are required.

Compared to other splitters, the blockless mini-PLC has stronger fiber protection and is ideal for use in outdoor environments. Moreover, it is a compact stainless steel tube package that makes it a great choice for applications in FTTH networks. It is available in a variety of sizes and with SC, FC, or LC connectors for easy installation.

TANGPIN’s Blockless Fiber PLC Splitter is a highly reliable and versatile component for various network applications. It is subjected to rigorous factory testing and comes with a warranty, so you can be confident that it will perform as expected. In addition, it is available with a custom cable length to suit your installation needs.