Ceramic Coating Or PPF? Which is Best For Your Car?

Ceramic Coating Or PPF? Which is Best For Your Car?

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The use of protection films can be a great way to protect your car from scratches and other harmful elements. While this isn’t a new concept, the advancement of technology has meant that we’re now able to buy protection films that offer long-lasting protection and even self-healing top coats.

PPF vs Ceramic Pro

When choosing between PPF and Ceramic Coating, you’ll need to consider your needs and budget. Both have their place. But which one will provide your car with the most bang for your buck?

PPF is a self-healing coating that shields your vehicle’s paint from rocks and flying debris. It also helps with corrosion and UV damage from exposure to the sun. However, if you’re looking for a better look, consider a ceramic coating.

A good ceramic coating is designed to repel water, bird droppings, and acidic bug guts. This makes the process of cleaning your car easier. Plus, they can help prevent minor marring and scratches. And if you have an expensive luxury vehicle, you’ll likely want to opt for a ceramic coating as well.

Ceramic Coatings are more expensive than their paint protection film counterparts. The best way to decide is to compare the two in the context of your car’s needs. If you’re a performance car owner, you may only want PPF on the front end of your vehicle. For instance, if your vehicle has a leather interior, you’ll likely want to go with a high-quality ceramic coating to protect the fabric.

Ceramic coatings are also a lot more visible to the naked eye than their PPF counterparts. You can see this protection film effect in the glassy finish they create. They’re also very good at improving surface hydrophobic properties.

PPF is a great solution for protecting your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, and dents. While both products offer a number of advantages, it’s hard to beat the longevity and durability of a ceramic coating.

The best part is, a quality paint protection film and ceramic coating can be applied together to produce a complete protective coat. In fact, many vehicle owners combine the two.

Kavaca instant healing

KAVACA instant healing protection film is a high tech paint protection film with a self-healing feature. It has been designed to provide superior optical enhancement while enhancing the resale value of your vehicle. This high tech product can be applied on almost any surface with minimal effort. Unlike other protective films, Kavaca will not peel or flake off. In addition to the tiniest scratches, this high tech protective film will protect your car from rock chips and UV rays.

The name KAVACA is derived from a Sanskrit word which means armor. The company is a forward thinking company that has set the bar for automotive surface protection. Their products include a multitude of custom solutions, from the aforementioned instant healing PPF to a variety of other high tech offerings. They are also one of the few companies that manufacture paint protection films for the marine industry.

Aside from their proprietary adhesive, the other secret to their success is their proprietary coating. With a ceramic-infused top coat, the KAVACA product is able to provide an extra layer of protection for your painted surfaces. Plus, the coating itself is a notch above the competition. Whether your car is new or old, KAVACA is the logical choice to spruce up its exterior.

The KAVACA instant healing PPF is a product that has been developed for the rigors of the automotive industry. Fortunately, it is not only easy to install, it has a limited lifetime warranty. As a bonus, the company offers a money back guarantee. So, whether you are looking for a way to increase the resale value of your prized possession or you are just interested in protecting your investment, KAVACA is the best bet in the industry.

Self-healing top coat

A self-healing top coat is a type of protective film used on the surface of the paintwork of a vehicle. This coating helps to heal minor scratches and dents. It can also make the paint look better.

Several manufacturers produce different types of self-healing films. These films offer protection against scratches, dents, and UV rays. However, they can be prone to contamination over time. The self-healing effect is determined by the chemical composition of the top coating.

Some films will have an instant self-healing effect. Others will require professional assistance. Both types of films can have yellowing problems over time.

Kavaca PPF is a high-quality self-healing paint protection film. It uses Nanotechnology infused in its adhesive layer. In addition, its topcoat is hydrophobic and self-healing.

SunTek PPF is another type of self-healing top coat that is color-neutral and easy to maintain. This film offers protection against scratching, dents, and road debris. As an added bonus, it does not yellow with exposure to sunlight.

LLumar Valor Paint Protection Film is another brand that provides excellent protection against damage. With its ultra-gloss finish, it protects against light abrasions. Additionally, it features a super hydrophobic top coat that is highly resistant to water and engine oil.

XPEL Ultimate Plus Black is another example of a paint protection film that is self-healing. It can be installed in the same way as the standard Ultimate Plus. Besides its optically clear finish, it also adds custom protective accents.

Choosing the right top coat for your vehicle can be complicated. Depending on your needs, you may need a film with high or low molecular density. While high-density films can provide more flexibility and a more noticeable self-healing effect, they are a bit more difficult to install.


The TeckWrap brand of paint protection film is a worthy contender. This type of film is designed to extend the life of your new car paint. It is worth noting that a well executed application of this material can also give your car a face lift. In addition to protecting your investment, a little TLC goes a long way.

While the TeckWrap brand is a tad pricey, it offers one of the best warranties in the business. They will replace defective products without hesitation. Moreover, if protection film your car is stolen, they will pay you the ransom.

Unlike its predecessors, TeckWrap offers a wide range of colors, including black, silver, and red. They also provide free installation and a two year warranty. Some vendors even offer pre-cut pieces of the protective material. Depending on your needs, you may opt for a do it yourself approach or leave the installation to the pros. Whatever method you choose, you are sure to be impressed by the quality of workmanship offered by these guys. Using the best rated materials, they ensure your satisfaction with the least amount of hassle. If you are on the lookout for a paint protection movie, check out their website today.

Whether you are looking to protect your prized possession or just want to get a head start on the competition, a reputable protection film may be all you need. Among their most popular offerings are their top of the line Xpel films. You can also find a variety of other automotive related products and services from them. For example, you can find a wide selection of aftermarket car parts like hoses, filters, and radiators.


If you’re looking to protect your vehicle, the best choice is to install LLumar paint protection film. This type of film is a highly advanced layer that improves the performance of automotive paint. It is designed to protect your car’s painted surface against abrasions, road salt, sand, chemical stains, and insect acids.

Unlike other forms of window films, this product is completely invisible. After it is professionally installed, your windshield, windows, and the paint on your car’s doors will be protected. There is also a non-yellowing warranty, and the film will be protected for five years from the date of purchase.

If you have already decided to protect your car with a paint protection film, you’ve probably heard of the two major manufacturers: LLumar and SunTek. These companies are big players in the window tint industry. They both have a good reputation and excellent warranties. You may have read about the differences between the two, and you’re now ready to make the right choice for your car.

LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film is designed to shield your vehicle from nicks and scratches. It provides a self-healing surface that resurfaces after being scratched. The film also helps your paint to resist corrosion, fading, and fade-inducing stains. In addition, LLumar’s paint protection film also protects your vehicle against winter sand, insects, and small road debris.

LLumar’s Platinum PPF is custom-cut to fit your car’s unique shape. You can choose from a glossy finish, or a matte finish. LLumar Platinum PPF is 8Mil thick, and is installed on the front-facing painted surfaces of your vehicle. Some restrictions apply to the gloss finish.

LLumar also offers a ten-year warranty. However, this warranty is not as good as the seven-year one offered by XPEL.