Fiber-Optic Tool-Kits

Fiber-Optic Tool-Kits

Fiber-optic-tool-kits make it easy for technicians to have the exact tools they need for their jobs. This eliminates the possibility of human error when working with cable and connectors.

Jonard TK-186 fiber connector cleaning and prep kit includes 1.25mm and 2.5mm universal fiber connector cleaners, 50 pre-moistened fiber wipes, a visual fault locator and flashlight all packed in a carrying case.

Optical Power Meter

An optical power meter (OPM) is one of the most important tools for any fiber optic technician to have. It measures the light level of an optical signal and can be used to test for continuity, ascertain fiber loss, and determine transmit and receive polarity.

OPMs are available in a range of form factors and sizes with varying capabilities and wavelength ranges. They feature a detector amplifier circuit that boosts the sensor output to a level proportional to the actual input power, depending on the wavelength. They have a display to show the average and instantaneous power levels, and some also send data over an ethernet, USB, or General Purpose Interface Bus connection to software running on a computer.

An OPM can be paired with an OTDR to provide a more comprehensive test for fiber insertion loss. An OTDR can measure both length and loss using backscatter reflection. These devices are especially useful for finding problems in high-density environments such as data centers. Including both an OPM and an OTDR in your tool kit gives you the versatility to handle any type of fiber optic test you need.

Visual Fault Locator

As its name implies, the visual fault locator illuminates the location of breaks in fiber optic cables. These tools work hand in hand with OTDRs to quickly pinpoint the exact location fiber-optic-tool-kits of a break and help technicians repair them efficiently.

They can be used to inspect ribbon fiber, hybrid cables and distribution boxes using a bright 635nm red laser. The light can identify the polarity of ribbon fiber connectors, and its output can be adjusted to a user-defined pattern.

These tools can also trace fibers from end to end, locating breaks, bends and faulty connectors or splices over distances up to 5 km. They can also locate cable shielding, which is important when working in a hazardous environment.

Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions when using a visual fault locator. They typically warn against direct eye contact with the laser beam when it’s active. If you accidentally do experience eye damage, seek medical assistance immediately. There are various types of visual fault locators to choose from, including handheld and pen-style models. They range in output optical power, from 1mw up to 30mw.

Kevlar Cutter

The Kevlar Cutter is a lightweight pair of scissors designed for cutting the protective Kevlar strands in fiber optic cables. They are used gyts-fiber-optic-cable-aerial-and-duct by riggers and cable fabricators to trim back the DuPont Kevlar serving as the central strength member of optical fiber cables, while also protecting delicate optical fibres inside the cable.

The ergonomically-designed handles offer a comfortable grip and support high leverage for precision cutting. The blades are hard-chromed and micro-serrated along their entire length for cutting through the most difficult materials. The blades are infused with titanium, which provides superior durability, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. The adjustable joint screw allows users to fine-tune their cutting tension.

These durable, finger-friendly scissors can be used as general purpose scissors and require no disassembly, lubrication or sharpening. They are also ideal for a wide variety of other materials including carbon, glass and fiberglass fibers, as well as fabrics such as nylon, silk, cotton and cloth string for upholstery, headliner and curtain. A non-stick coating protects the blades and reduces slipping. The finger holes accommodate a four-finger, one thumb grip and fit most adult hands.

Fiber Optic Stripper

The fiber optic stripper removes the insulator layer from optical cables to expose the bare glass fiber. It can cut a cable jacket up to 3 millimeters in diameter and has three cutting notches that accommodate various cable types. It also cuts loose tube and bonded fiber cables. The tool is designed to not damage the bare glass. Its replaceable blades reduce stress on the fiber.

A fiber optic stripper is a must-have tool for all technicians working on optical fiber. It helps prevent signal loss and provides a smooth, clean end face that protects the fiber from scratches and dirt. Fiber optic strippers can be used to strip the loose coating from a spliced fiber or to prepare it for connecting with a connector.

A basic fiber tool kit contains dozens of essential hand tools for fiber installation and termination. It includes Jonard Tools wire and Kevlar cutting shears, Eclipse needle nose pliers and cable cutters, Chemtronics swabs and wipes, Megapro connector cleaner and a crimping tool. The kit comes in a durable case that keeps the tools organized and ready for use.

Polishing Tool Kit

Polishing tools can be used to give metal surfaces a mirror-like finish. They are typically used with a Dremel or pendant motor to give your jewelry, silver, or other metal products the perfect finishing touch. They are also great for a variety of other applications, including oxide removal, texturing, and smoothing.

This jack of all trades fiber termination kit eliminates most of the variables in the process, making it a more accurate and efficient tool to use. It contains industry standard splicing and preparation tools that work with Corning UniCam connectors. It is available in a compact, sturdy case to take with you on the job site.

Using the right tools and materials prevents errors and ensures that work can be completed accurately. Keeping these items organized keeps them within reach, preventing interruptions to the workflow. VIAVI offers a variety of tools and kits to meet the needs of technicians working with fiber optic cable and networks. These portable, scalable solutions help you quickly and accurately test, troubleshoot, and repair fiber optic networks with ease.