Motorola DP4401e Digital Two Way Radio

motorola dp4401e

Motorola DP4401e Digital Two Way Radio

The DP4401e is a UHF VHF digital two way radio from Motorola Solutions (formerly known as Motorola) and is considered to be the industry standard. This model comes with GPS & Bluetooth, for the non-GPS version see the DP4400e.

Motorola Solutions digital radios have incredible longevity on a single charge and feature smart technology, great audio quality and modern connectivity like Bluetooth 4.0, multi-constellation location tracking and Wi-Fi.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to connect and transfer data. It works by sending out a signal that finds other nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices and connecting with them. Typically, you can enable or disable Bluetooth on your device by going to its settings. On mobile devices, this is found in the Settings app; on desktop computers, it is usually found in the Control Panel or System Preferences. Once enabled, Bluetooth will remain on unless you manually turn it off.

DP 4401e radios are the latest in Motorola’s flagship digital two-way radio range and boast impressive features including responsive push-to-talk, a prominent emergency button with Transmit Interrupt that can clear the channel and an integrated accelerometer for Man Down functionality. They are also tested to military standards and IP68 rated for dust and waterproof protection.

The DP4401e radios are compatible with most Motorola and MOTOTRBO accessories, including headsets, speaker microphones, belt clips and carrying cases. You can even connect a barcode scanner or ticket printer via Bluetooth. Its built-in SINC+ industrial noise cancellation and intelligent audio ensure your voice motorola radio dealer is heard loud and clear and that calls are answered, even in noisy environments. Its integrated Wi-Fi capacity enables remote software updates and indoor and outdoor location tracking gives enhanced user visibility. Other worker safety features include a Lone Worker function and a Man Down integrated accelerometer that can sense if the user has fallen.


The Motorola Solutions DP4401e is an excellent hand portable digital radio which is part of the Mototrbo E series. It’s designed to offer a very cost-effective solution for organisations that require basic two-way communication. It has an extremely stripped user interface requiring little training and it delivers all the opportunities that digital two-way radio technology has to offer.

The DP4401e offers multi-constellation location tracking with GPS and GLONASS satellite systems along with integrated Wi-Fi capability for remote software updates and Bluetooth 4.0 for audio connections with wireless accessories and indoor location tracking. All of this is packed in a robust design which is easy to use and can be used for longer thanks to 29 hours of battery life.

This radio is ideal for skilled professionals and organisations that demand superb connectivity, safety features and increased productivity. It includes a host of progressive features such as a Man Down integrated accelerometer, over the air software upgrades and a dedicated emergency button alongside a number of other useful tools.

The DP4401e is also fitted with a multi-pin accessory connector meaning that it’s compatible with a wide range of accessories from Motorola Solutions including microphones, earpieces and headsets. It can also be used with the IMPRES Smart Energy system which is able to charge the radio even when it’s on standby or in silent mode.

Man Down

The Motorola DP4401e is a rugged and robust two way radio with many safety features. It is a digital radio with 32 channels offering individual and group communication options along with private messaging. It has a powerful receiver that boosts range by 8% on previous models and is IP68 rated, which means it is fully waterproof. It also meets military standards and has an ATEX rating for use in hazardous environments.

The Man Down feature is designed to help protect lone workers by alerting dispatch that the radio user is not responding. This is accomplished using a combination of a fall sensor and an inactivity timer. When the radio is moved from a vertical position it starts an inactivity timer and when it remains still for a set period, the fall sensor triggers an alarm which will automatically notify dispatch of the issue.

This feature can be enabled or disabled by the user via a dedicated key on the radio. However, it is important that all users of this feature are trained on how to use it properly so they understand when it is active or not and what the different audio tones and alarms mean. Ensure that this is done prior to starting any work where this safety feature is required. This will reduce unnecessary alerts and ensure that the feature is only used when needed.


Motorola have continued to build upon the quality of their DP4000e series with this enhanced version. This radio is capable of motorola portable radios being paired up with Bluetooth and GPS for an enhanced functionality experience. Up to 32 channels can be used for group or individual calls with Intelligent Audio and a dedicated emergency button also featured. Bluetooth allows for the DP4401e to be used with compatible accessories like audio headsets and barcode scanners, as well as being used for indoor location tracking via Bluetooth beacons which communicate with the radio.

The DP4401e features multi-constellation GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity as standard to give you high performance integrated voice and data. GNSS ensures you get the best positioning accuracy, while WiFi enables remote software updates and Bluetooth 4.0 lets you pair up with a wide range of wireless accessories for hands-free communication. It also supports advanced data applications, including trunking.

This radio has a range of advanced features to improve worker safety and efficiency, such as VOX capabilities which allow you to operate the device with your voice rather than pressing the PTT button. It also offers a Transmit Interrupt function which will push through any ongoing transmissions should there be an urgent call for help, as well as a Lone Worker feature to monitor the status of your team in the field.