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Ceramic toner is generated in a ‘Standard CMYK’ set or a ‘Red Set’ in which the magenta printer toner is replaced with a selenium red toner. Also readily available is a common unleaded toner set as well as an inglaze red printer toner collection which appropriates for shooting at higher ‘glost’ temperature levels. BASIC CERAMIC PRINTER TONER – The common collection of ceramic printer toner can be terminated to around 860 ° C and need to provide a shiny surface on bone china.

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Factor to consider of the rheology characteristics needed by the application method along with physical homes such as glaze drying out time or shrinking qualities need to be considered when picking the clay to be used in a ceramic polish. For instance, the glazing of damp column brick needs lusters with up to 25% clay, while generally just 5-10% clay is required for polish suspension.

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A glaze is a glasslike compound fused on to the surface of pottery to develop a hard, resistant coating. This finish is generally applied after a first bisque shooting occurs, although certain lusters can be single-fired. After a bisqued (or once-fired) item of ceramic is covered with polish either by dipping, brushing, or spraying, the item is then discharged once more, to a temperature proper for both the claybody and also polish being made use of.

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