TOP 4 Heavy-Wall PET Bottles in Japan

TOP 4 Heavy-Wall heavy-wall PET bottle PET Bottles in Japan

Heavy-wall PET bottles are a popular choice for packaging various products, thanks to their durability and high-quality construction. In Japan, there are several top manufacturers known for producing heavy-wall PET bottles that meet industry standards and customer demands. Among these manufacturers, Guangzhou Unocal Plastic Container Co., Ltd stands out as a trusted supplier of premium quality bottles.

Fukuoka Bottle and Jar Company

Founded in 1995, Fukuoka Bottle and Jar Company is a leading manufacturer of heavy-wall PET bottles in Japan. The company offers a wide range of PET bottles designed for different purposes, including food packaging, beauty products, and pharmaceuticals. Their headquarters is located in Fukuoka City, with a strong focus on eco-friendly practices. Fukuoka Bottle and Jar Company holds ISO certification for its commitment to quality management systems.

Sapporo Plastics Ltd

Sapporo Plastics Ltd has been providing innovative packaging solutions since its establishment in 2001. Specializing in heavy-wall PET bottles, the company caters to various industries such as beverages, chemicals, and household products. Sapporo Plastics Ltd prides itself on using advanced technology to create lightweight yet durable bottles that meet the highest standards of quality. The company is based in Sapporo City and holds FDA certification for its strict adherence to s heavy-wall PET bottle afety regulations.

Hiroshima Plastic Manufacturing Inc.

Hiroshima Plastic Manufacturing Inc., founded in 1988, has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of heavy-wall PET bottles in Japan. With a diverse product line that includes dropper bottles,Spray Bottles Tottle Bottlescanisters,jars,Dropper Supplier…

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