TOP 5 Jar Innovations in China

TOP 5 Ja Jar r Innovations in China

In the world of packaging, jars play a crucial role in storing and preserving various products. In China, there are several innovative companies that have been leading the way in producing high-quality jars for different industries. Among these companies, Guangzhou Unocal Plastic Container Co., Ltd is a standout player known for its excellent quality and wide range of jar products.

Shanghai Zhuoyue Packaging Products Co., Ltd

Founded in 2005, Shanghai Zhuoyue Packaging Products Co., Ltd has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of jars. Specializing in plastic packaging solutions, this company offers a diverse range of jar products suitable for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Their products are known for their durability and customizable options to meet clients’ specific needs. With an address at No. 1688 Jinshajiang Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China; Shanghai Zhuoyue Packaging Products Co., Ltd has obtained ISO9001 certification and stands out for its efficient production process and exceptional customer service. For inquiries, you can contact them at +86-21-59500390.

Shenzhen Jiecheng Plastic Packing Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Jiecheng Plastic Packing Co., Ltd entered the market in 2010 with a focus on providing innovative packaging solutions tailored to various industries’ needs. This company offers a wide array of jar products made from high-quality materials to ensure product safety and longevity during storage or transportation. Located at No2 Gongye Er Rd Lanhe light industrial Zone Pingdi Street Longgang District Shenzhen City Guangdong Province China; Shenzhen Jiecheng Plastic Packing Co., Ltd specializes in eco-friendly packaging options and has gained recognition for its commitment to sustainability practices . They hold certifications such as FDA,BPA Free,RoHS,SQP,WCA,and more; showcasing their dedication to maintaining industry standards.Contact them at +86-755-89605004.

Qingdao Haichen Plastic Industry CO,.LTD

With roots dating back to 1997,Qingdao Haichen Plastic Industry CO,.LTD has been a key player in the manufacturing sector focusing on plastic containers including jars.Their portfolio includes an extensive selection catering to the beauty ,food & beverage & healthcare sectors.Praised for both innovation & reliability,the company boasts customers across North America ,Europe ans Asia(headquarters located @NO3993 Chongqing Middle RD,Jimo Economic Development Area ,Qingdao city ,China).Moreover Qingdao Haichen holds multiple certifications like SGS,FDA BSCI,L’Oreal Audit.With state-of-the-art equipment&a strong emphasis on R&D &,customer partnership Qingdoa haichen proves they value excellence ..Reach out :+86532+83163338。

Suzhou Innovation Improvement New Material Technology CO,.LTD
Established just six years ago,in 2015,Suzhou Innovation Improvement New Material Technology co.Ltd is recognized brand specializing exclusively In packing supplies.Shaped by technology Inno& Eco,this Jiangsu-based business(Headquarter@No439 Zhangqiao Xiguan YanChang Suzhou) delivers premium-grade glass bottle suppliers,ranging stroge convenience around bottles,jars,aand other speciality items.They’re proud holder OFicial Certificate VIASEDEX Walmort ILS&BRC

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