Types of Fiber Optic Couplers

Types of Fiber Optic Couplers

Fiber optic adapters (also called couplers) are used to connect two different types of fiber connectors together in a network environment. Hybrid Fiber Adapters have a SC female on one end and a LC male on the other to provide an interconnection between a SC configured network and an LC configured network. These simplex plastic hybrid adapters have a durable zirconia precision alignment sleeve.

What is a Hybrid Adapter/Coupler?

Hybrid adapters allow for the mating of two different connector types. They have a male adapter end on one side and a female connector end on the other. The mating ends are united with a precision ceramic sleeve that ensures reliable ferrule mating for low insertion loss and return loss. These hybrid fiber adapters are available in single mode and multimode styles. They can be used for converting patch lead connector style during testing or for making a point-to-point connection in a fiber optic network.

These metal hybrid adapters are a cost-effective solution for linking LC and SC cables and connectors. They are durable and built to work in the harshest of environments. They are ideal for extending fiber optic cable lengths, reducing costs and increasing space with their compact design.

ST-SC Hybrid Adapter

The ST to SC hybrid adapter is a type of fiber optic coupler that is used to connect two different types of connectors in a network. It is designed to provide a solution for hybrid applications that require the use of both single-mode and multimode connectors. The ST-SC hybrid is made up of a pair of standard metal ST duplex females on one end and SC duplex males on the other. These duplex adapters have bronze alignment sleeves and are recommended for use in multimode applications.

The SC connector, also known as a square-shaped connector, is smaller and easier to work with in tight spaces than indoor-duplex-fiber-optic-cables the twist-style ST connector. It has a 2.5mm ferrule and latches with a push-pull mechanism that offers quick insertion and removal. The SC connector is commonly used with singlemode and multimode cables. The LC connector, also known as a small form factor (SFF) connector, is a bit smaller than the SC connector and uses a 1.25mm ferrule with a locking tab that holds it in place. The LC connector is more common in high-density applications and is compatible with SC, SM, FC, FDDI and ESCON connections.

Hybrid fiber optic adapters are used to connect two similar connectors in order to extend a data line that may be otherwise impossible to reach. It is important to make sure that the adapters are matched to the same connector types as mismatches can lead to attenuation of the transmission signal due to light scattering within the cable.

LC-SC Hybrid Adapter

Hybrid fiber optic adapters are mating sleeves that allow two different types of connectors to connect together. These can be used to connect LC connectors to SC or vice versa, or they can be used to convert an SC connection to an LC connection. These types of adapters are often found in datacom and telecom applications.

Choosing a Fiber Optic Adapter/Coupler

If you are upgrading your business’s fibre installation to take advantage of the internet’s superior speed, then you will need the right connections to make the transition seamless. Both SC and LC fibre connectors are designed for strong, interference-free performance, but they differ in size. The SC connector is an industry standard that has been around for over 30 years, while the LC connector is much newer and is gaining popularity due to its small form factor.

Whether you have an existing SC infrastructure or are using a telecommunications hub, Beyondtech offers a wide variety of hybrid adapters to suit your needs. These hybrid adapters are used to link up a variety of different connectors and can be easily fitted into a telecommunications rack or other type of cabinet. They also feature zirconia ceramic alignment sleeves to ensure precision ferrule mating and low insertion loss and return loss for Singlemode and Multimode applications. These simplex LC to SC duplex hybrid adapters are lightweight, easy to use and meet all IEC, Telcordia-GR-326 and JIS performance requirements.

MU-SC Hybrid Adapter

Karono’s MU-SC Hybrid Adapter allows for the mating of two optical-fiber-identifiers different diameter ferrule fiber patchcord connector types in one device. These adapters feature a polymer/metal enclosed assembly to house the precision ceramic (zirconia) alignment sleeve and are designed and engineered to perform over long periods of time while maintaining very low insertion loss. This simplex plastic LC female to SC female hybrid adapter is a perfect choice for mounting in panels with rectangular cut outs.

Hybrid fiber optic adapters are a great solution when you need to connect different types of fiber patch cables or connectors together quickly. These adapters are available in a variety of sizes and connector types, from Singlemode to Multimode with PC or APC sleeves and in both Simplex and Duplex style. The precision zirconia ceramic alignment sleeves ensure a precise ferrule mating and very low insertion and return loss for both Singlemode and Multimode applications. Using hybrid adapters will help you save space and eliminate the need for expensive and bulky hybrid cable assemblies. All of our Hybrid Fiber Adapters are 100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss before shipping. The quality of the adapter is important to the overall performance of your network.